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SpeakEasy Computers for the Blind

Image of complete SpeakEasy setup, computers for the blind and media system for visually impaired

The SpeakEasy Media System for visually impaired is the most intuitive computer for the blind available.  The SpeakEasy empowers visually impaired users to instantly “get online” with no training required!  Plug it in, and you’re ready to go.  You will be checking your e-mail within a matter of minutes.

Unique Media System for Visually Impaired

What makes the SpeakEasy so easy to use is its unique design approach. Typically computers for the blind are limited to the capabilities of a screen reader. These screen readers use applications designed for sighted individuals, then add vocalizations. While this option does provide access to the computer system, it is often very time consuming to learn, difficult to use, not integrative, and generally more expensive. The SpeakEasy Media System, however, is designed specifically for you, the visually impaired user. Navigation through the system is menu driven, consistent, and easy.

Ease of use is the cornerstone of the SpeakEasy Media System’s design. The simple five minute start up tutorial is all the training you will need to be proficient with this machine. It is as easy as selecting the option from a menu and information is instantly read out loud. Users will never get stuck within the system thanks to a dedicated help button.

Computer for the Blind is Simple and Intuitive

The SpeakEasy Media System delivers simple and intuitive access to information. Designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired, the Media System enables its users to read typed documents, news, e-mail, audio books, encyclopedia, dictionary, weather forecasts, and much more. The system comes preconfigured with an e-mail account, many news publication sources, and radio shows, to name a few of its features. All of these features are part of an integrated solution that blind and visually impaired users will find remarkably easy to use. Learn more about our Computers for the Blind.

SpeakEasy Laptop Computer Image Showing Encyclopedia Component on Screen

SpeakEasy Media System Evaluation

We are extremely confident that you will find the SpeakEasy to be an invaluable solution. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to try it out, risk free. Please Contact Us to request a free software evaluation.

Packages Ranging from:

$495.00 – $1995.00

Simplicity. Accessibility. Reliability. These are our guarantees. For that reason, if you are not fully satisfied with your SpeakEasy Media System Complete or SpeakEasy Media System Basic, you may return it within thirty days for a full refund.